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___ Things You Will Need

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We would also really appreciate your feedback! At the close of RESET, it would be great if you could take some time to send us through your thoughts and let us know how the conference was for you.
2 Nights | 1 day

___ The Schedule ___

*All timings are AEST, GMT+10, Brisbane time
Day 1



Welcome to HLC 2020 | RESET


Session 1

Time to hear from Hope Church Brisbane's senior pastor, Ps Wilson


It's Breakout Time!

Let's get chatting and consolidate what we just heard


End of Day 1
Day 2

Saturday 21ST NOVEMBER


Morning Workout

Are you ready to come together and exercise?! Let's strengthen our physical muscles, not just our spiritual ones 


Chill Time

Good job on completing that workout! Take some time to chill before we kick off the rest of the day with Session 2 


Welcome back!

Let's get ready to grow together


Session 2

Let's all come together to hear from Ps Denis Lu of Hope Kuching for a time of being grown and equipped more in our leadership journey!


Break Time!!

Take some time to grab a drink and snack, then come right back!


Target Workshop 1

There are a number of sessions to choose from. Remember to register before the day, as each session has limited places available.


Target Workshop 2

There are a number of sessions to choose from. Remember to register before the day, as each session has limited places available.


Lunch Time

Take some time to chill, relax and prepare your heart for tonight. Don't forget to get yourself something to eat during this time too!


[Optional] Let's Get Chatting

Are you ready to get chatting? This is an optional time to meet, network and interact with like-minded people across the different services/churches and discuss with one another more about what you are each doing in your specific church ministries


Doors Open!

Let's get excited! Time for the doors to open for the in-person night session 


Welcome Back

Let's take some time to ready our hearts and prepare to receive! 


Praise & Worship

Let's come together and lift His name on high!


Session 3 - Saturday Night Live

Time for us to receive from Ps Jerry Stott in person*! Let's all believe for a powerful move of the Holy Spirit!  

*Also streamed online



And that's a wrap!

So who'll be sharing?

___ The Speakers

Here's a little bit about those we'll be hearing from...

Target Workshops ___

Here is the range of target topics you can choose from to help you grow more in your leadership:
Ps Brendan Kirby (Hope Church Adelaide)

We all struggle with our various responsibilities in life - from work, family, marriage, church to ministry - we have different pressures seeking our time energy and attention.

Learning to manage these competing priorities and to succeed in serving God can often be boiled down to achieving better leadership skills. Such skills include working as a team to achieve greater advances than the individual ever could.

In this target session we will discuss how to be a stronger leader which will affect every area of our life.

Ps Mark Rusic (Hope Christian Church Melbourne)

God is the God of the ‘new thing.’ He is always wanting to raise up new leaders, new ministries and accommodate people of diversity, in a sustainable way, that advances his kingdom. Join Ps Mark as he unpacks how this happens in a variety of settings, ranging from life groups, appointing church elders and in marketplace ministry. Be inspired to release the pioneer in you and be in awe of God.

Ps Helen Kirby (Hope Church Adelaide)

We have an enemy who lives to stir division, dissension and cause problems so we don’t have any peace of mind! So we can’t stand strong in the midst of storms and attacks! The devil’s ultimate goal is to destroy us!

John 10:10 says:
The thief comes ONLY to steal, kill and destroy!

But God is calling us to be warriors in these perilous times. To remain steadfast, immovable, resilient and strong! Amen.

Ps Lance & Belle Wolter (Hope Church Gold Coast)

Understanding that our YES is precious to God and when we step into the unknown -Jesus will meet us there in dynamic ways, that will stretch our faith and risk muscles.

Come join Ps Lance and Belle for a session on how to prepare yourself for adventures in God, cross cultural missions and stretching your faith for the miraculous.

Ps Patrick & Sarah Ching (Hope Church Canberra)

Being a church pioneer is not scary at all! Patrick and Sarah will share key learning points from their experience of church and ministries pioneering in Hope Canberra. All aspiring church planters and ministries pioneers are welcome. Be ready to ask difficult and practical questions as a preparation of your own pioneering journey in the future.

Peter Truong (Hope Church Brisbane)

The world is changing rapidly but our message remains the same. Join us as we explore ways to reach out to this online generation for Christ.

Ps Lance & Belle Wolter (Hope Church Gold Coast)

2020 has been an arduous year in some ways, and at the same time in some ways it has propelled us forward in exponential ways to reach out and disciple the nations using the latest technology.

This session will explore the fundamentals of effective discipleship, post covid 19 and how we can better disciple the church in innovative ways.

Ps Lai Ling & Team (Hope Church Brisbane)

The heart of ministering in the prophetic is to communicate the heart of Father (Papa) God to His sons and daughters. Our heart is to build, strengthen, encourage and edify as God utilises us as His instruments to be a blessing to the body of believers.
We are blessed to have a prophetic team ministering, comprising of our HIM family of churches from Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.
Places are limited. So sign up the soonest possible.

Ps Lai Ling & Team (Hope Church Brisbane)

People with mental health challenges are precious in God’s eyes. How do we as pastoral leaders guide them through their moments or life’s challenges especially with the onset of COVID-19. How a godly and loving community of believers with the help of medical intervention (for further referral if needed) and counselling may help pave the way towards recovery and wholeness. Let’s glean some valuable insights and godly wisdom from the experience of our panel in this workshop, comprising of two Christian psychiatrists, a professional counsellor and a pastor/lay counsellor.

Ps Nigel & Sandy Wittwer (Hope Busselton Christian Church)

Nigel and Sandy (from Western Australia) have raised their 5 children while serving in ministry together as a family (and sharing their passion for music). Now with the children grown and 2 grandchildren, they can share key lessons learnt through the various stages, and advocate that a strong home and family life is key to discipling our children well.

Shen Ku (Hope Hobart Christian Church)

If you feel that Covid 19 has limited your personal and/or your group’s ability to win souls, this session is designed to equip you in:

- Rediscovering your why (purpose)
- Rethinking your how
- Releasing you to new ways of winning souls.

Ps Joshua Chee (Hope Church Brisbane)

Leaders play an important role in leading and building teams. Identifying, empowering and training individuals are keys in helping them succeed. This workshop seeks to give key practical tips to help us grow in our leadership journey.

Sunita Pala (Hope Church Brisbane)

Cultures are like the soil where a plant grows. When we have healthy kingdom cultures, people grow easily. But healthy cultures do not happen by accident. They take intentional effort by leaders to build them into teams and groups. Good news is… we can grow in these culture-building skills!

optional session!

Special Interest Chat Groups ___

A time where you can come together to both share about what you have been doing in your area of ministry, as well as hear about what others have been doing.
joy han (Hope Church Brisbane)
Ps Torch Leung & Adam Khoo (Hope Church Brisbane)

Jason Chia & Sandy Lau (Hope Church Brisbane)

Lillian Chee, Ivy Lee & Kelvin Chia (Hope Church Brisbane)

Ps Matthew Wong (Hope Christian Church Melbourne)

Joan Foo & Chris Bee (hope Church Brisbane)

Adam Lew (Hope Church Brisbane)

Suzanna Wong (Hope Church Brisbane)

Ambrose Ng & Phil Chee (Hope Church Brisbane)

Jacyline Khor (Hope Church Brisbane)


Ps Mark Rusic (Hope Christian Church Melbourne) & special guest Bevan mailman

A bit about Bevan...

Bevan Mailman is the Managing Director of Jaramer Legal, Australia’s first national Indigenous law firm, the Chairman of Desert Springs Projects, a company which is leading the initiation and facilitation of new enterprise, infrastructure and community development projects amongst remote Indigenous communities, especially in Australia’s Northern region, and is an Advisor to Impact Investment Partners, a private equity firm that has established Australia’s first Indigenous infrastructure ownership fund. Bevan works closely with former US Senator, Donald Betts, as a part of Jaramer Legal.

We are going ONLINE!

___ The Location

With everything that has been going on, we have had to get creative and so we are excited to announce that this year we will be taking our Hope Leaders Conference online. We also have the immense pleasure of opening up Unidus Community Centre, the central hub of Hope Church Brisbane, for the Saturday evening of the Hope Leaders Conference 2020.

Note: The Saturday night session will still be being streamed for online viewers as well.

want to know more?

FAQs ___

Here are a few frequently asked questions

Will this conference have on-demand viewing?

Yes! For those who register, all sessions from this conference will be available for on-demand viewing for 2 weeks after the HLC 2020, RESET.

Who is hosting the HLC 2020, RESET?

Hope Church Brisbane has the pleasure of hosting the HLC 2020. We are a part of a global movement, Hope International Ministries.

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